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Red Kelly
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PostSubject: Rose Kelly   Rose Kelly Icon_minitimeTue Apr 08, 2008 12:07 pm

(( This I posted on the appropriate thread on the FLS forums. I will expand it here on our own forums when I am less lazy, hope its allright. I am very very open to both suggestions, praise and critique, just be straight, you cannot piss me off ))

Name: Rose Kelly
Nicknames: Red Kelly ( Due to her red mane and fiery temper )
Date of Birth: 12/12 1693
Age: 27
Country of Origin: British colonial
Affiliation: Pirate
Gender: Female
Hair: Long and red
Skin: semi sunburn, semi tan.
Eyes: pale green
Height: 160 cm (( I understand this is tall for a woman, at this time. At least, she is supposed to be a bit tall))
Weight: 65 kgs

Place of Residence: Is often seen sailing out from St. Rose.
Place of Birth: Forgotten British colony, mediterranean
Known Relatives: Likely no one any more. If any is left, they are now lost.

Ship's Name: Baal's Whisper
Ship Type: Medium Warship
Additional Ship Information: Postillionen Mastercraft

Life Outlook/Philosophy: Live free, die hard...

Occupation: self centered oppertunist.
Society Affiliation: The Brotherhood
Society Rank: Member.
Enemies: Hooch, and anyone under french colours.

Favorite Foods: Bacon.
Favorite Drinks: Is usually drinking rum like anyone, but secretly really loves brandy.
Favorite Colors: Gold.
Weapons of Choice: A sturdy cutlass
Dislikes: French, Monkeys, Fruit, Salt water, mutinies.
Hobbies: Rose secretly plays piano in her cabin.

Physical Features: Tall, broad, one eye, was probably born as a fair, pretty girl, but her years at sea has hardened her features, and that coupled with battle scars and a grim demeanor makes her fairly unattractive to most men.

Positive Personality Traits: Honorable, but mostly to whom she regards friend.
Negative Personality Traits: Cannot truly be trusted, even if she comes off as honorable
Misc. Quirks: Fiery temper, of which her crew mostly knows. Amongst them, they whisper of her brutality and cruelty, and it is said that she has suffered more than one mutiny.

Played by What Famous Person: Linda Hamilton ( Sarah Connor - Terminator )
Theme Songs: AC/DC - TNT, Pantera - Cowboys from Hell.

History: To make a long story really really short, Rose was born to a Governor of a colony in the mediterrenean. She suspects it was india, but her geographical knowledge coupled with her age when she was taken from the colony is the cause of her not really knowing.
At young age she was kidnapped by corsairs, presumably for ransoming.
She does not know much, as she was told many different stories throughout the years, of what really happened. Her own theory is that she was held for ransom, her father unable to pay the ransom due to him being outright broke. For some odd reason, the corsairs kept her, and only a year later she found herself on a british privateer ship, her kidnappers dead or taken prisoner. Months later, even more turbulance was added to her young life, as the privateer ship went into combat with a small gang of carribean pirates.
Years later, she suddenly found herself captaining a ship of her own, after having served on a pirate ship since she was a girl.
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Rose Kelly
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