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 Allissa Costales

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PostSubject: Allissa Costales   Allissa Costales Icon_minitimeThu Apr 10, 2008 3:52 am

It was a crisp autum night. The breeze calmly caressing ones skin enough to bring chills to any nakid skin. The stars shined brightly in the sky. There was no sounds to be heard but the waves rushing in on the shore. There world at this moment seemed to be in complete harmony, when suddenly a shot rang out into the night and a man cried out for assistance.
"Someone wake the doc there be a child here on the shore. Shes bearly breathing, must have washed up from somewhere in the deep. Shes soaking wet and goin' catch her death from the cold"

The young lass awoke finding herself in a warm cozy bed with a fire in the hearth. A very beautiful young lady sat not far from the sitting in a chair doing what appeared to be sewing, hummimg every so quietly to herself. She looked up from hand work to see the child moving around and carefully set her sewing to the side and arose from her chair. Ever so quietly she approached the bed and layed her warm hand upon the childs brow.

"It be a miracle my dear that ye survived. We did not think ye would live for three days now." The lady seated herself on the bed beside the child and gently took her hand in hers. "So tell me my dear what be ye name? I am Mrs. Costales, my husband found ye on the beach uncousious and no one has came to claim ye."

The child looked around a bit and squinted her eyes at the fire. "I thank ye for saving me ma'am, and I wish I could answer what ye ask. But I remeber nothing." The child began to cry. "All I know is i woke up here in this bed. I can not even rember my name or where I am" By this time the child was crying in deep sobs.

"Its ok lass its ok, ye be safe here no one shall harm ye I shall see to that." Mrs. Costales grabbed her up in her arms and held her tightly until the sobbing stoped.

"Well I guess until we find out diffrent we will have to have a name for ye. I think I shall call ye Allissa, I think that be a beautiful name for such a beautiful fine lass such as ye self. What ye think?" Allissa nodded with a blushed face.

No one ever came to claim the young lass, It was rumored that a pirate ship was sank off the coast the very night Allissa was found, by the French navy, but it was never proven. Poor Allissa never remebered what had happened or where she came from. She stayed to live with the Costales as there own daughter and had a very happy childhood. She was taught many launguages by some of the finest teachers around, and given the highest education available to women at the time. But Allissa always seemed to drift off in her own little world thinking of he stories of the sunken pirate ship. This was in fact what inspired her so to learn so much about ships and how to build them. Hoping one day to make some of the finest ships to sail the blue and to have it known the where made by her hands. With all this maybe one day she could find a pirate that knew who she was and where she came from and have her revenge on those that left her for dead!
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Allissa Costales
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