The Bloodfire Brotherhood

The Bloodfire Brotherhood on the Rack a Society within The Pirates of the Burning Sea
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 The Bloodfire Brotherhood - Who we are

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PostSubject: The Bloodfire Brotherhood - Who we are   The Bloodfire Brotherhood - Who we are Icon_minitimeSat Apr 19, 2008 12:06 pm

(Here is some information I have written down, to give visitors and people interested to join us some information about what kind of society we are. I will post this on the official boards as well, especially after changing servers and guild name it is important that we get back on our feet):

"Word in the Taverns is that there's a new bunch o' people around y'know." Redeyes Jimbo had lowered his voice, eyeing the bustling tavern before setting his gaze back on the man across the small table. "Said they formed n' alliance o' captains inside the Devil's Triangle, after comin' right out of hell!"
The other man leaned back and grinned slightly, saying in a low voice with a clear spanish accent "You should not believe everything you hear my friend, but I would like to...offer you a job..."

The Bloodfire Brotherhood
We are a laidback, mature society that enjoys the many aspects the game has to offer from roleplay to pvp. We do not consider ourselves hardcore PVP'ers and believe that adding some ambience to the whole world is just as important as fighting our enemy nations. We try to keep our society chat in character as well.
Our members come from all backgrounds and all corners of the world, reaching from the old world to new, all working together to thrive and survive in these dangerous waters. We are currently a small society, transferred from Bonny, our goal is to grow slowly but steadily, we are always on the look for new members. Another thing we are trying to do is forming friendships with other societies, no matter if for roleplay or to join forces in pvp battles.
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The Bloodfire Brotherhood - Who we are
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