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 Rackham info!

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Rackham info! Empty
PostSubject: Rackham info!   Rackham info! Icon_minitimeSat Apr 19, 2008 2:03 pm

If any of you want to talk, trade, roleplay, or just trashtalk a spaniard....
I am Fernando Garcia on Rackham, a spanish freetrader. I DO have diiplomacy.

Also, I have set up a 10 building leather production for maximum efficiency, that also spits out some cured meat, if anyone should be interested.
Later on, when I get the right ships, I will also happily be available to help haul goods in my massive trade ships Smile

*salutes* Never left you guys, I just took on another coat. Arrrr!
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Rackham info!
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