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 The tale of the Jewel of Ireland

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Isabella Dalton
Isabella Dalton

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The tale of the Jewel of Ireland Empty
PostSubject: The tale of the Jewel of Ireland   The tale of the Jewel of Ireland Icon_minitimeWed Feb 27, 2008 2:18 pm

1690 - Limerick, Western Ireland

The Williamite war was in full bloom and thousands were already dead but the Irish army continued to defend their homeland against the Williamites. In a small room inside the fort Candace O'reilly, the wife general Norman O'Reilly, was surrounded by midwives trying to give birth in the midst of a battle. after three hours of painfull labor the baby was born and immediatly the baby and the mother were snuck out of the fort and down the river shannon to a farmhouse away from the battle where their other child, a boy of 6 named Peter was waiting. The baby was named Isabella after her grandmother and raised by her Mother and brother in the farmhouse.

1695 - Farmhouse on the river Shannon

4 years after the Williamite war ended, and Limerick had surrendered to the Williamites. General Norman O'reilly finally made it home to his family after he retired from the Irish Army to be with his children. the next few years went pretty smoothly and the family was actually happy.

1700 - Dublin

After a British assault on Dublin any person who would not fight against their own country was arrested or killed if they resisted. the entire O'reilly family was arrested and taken to the capital to be hung as a lesson to the rest of the Jacobites. only 10 minutes before the hanging was to take place word came down from king William that no women or children were to be harmed, but were to be instead sent to British held cities as slaves. On her birthday in 1700 a ten year old Isabella O'reilly watched her Father and 16 year old brother hung in the streets of Dublin.

1705 - Workcamp outside of Limerick

Isabella and her mother spent 5 years working for the british on a farm just outside of Limerick. one night a british soldier came to their small shack and tried to Rape Candace but when she resisted her dropped her to her knees and but the barrel of his pistol to her temple, then after calling Isabella into the room, pulled the trigger. The soldier stood over Candaces lifeless body laughing even as then 15 year old Isabella broke a stool against the wall and beat the soldier to death with the piece that remained. Isabella gave her dead mother a kiss and told her she would see her again, and ran as fast as she could towards Dublin. After running for 5 hours Isabella spotted a small group of men camped near the coast and cautiously approached. one of the men saw her and pulled a gun, calling her into the camp. to her surprise the man dropped the gun and offered her some of their food and rum. she was introduced to a man named Robert Dalton who they said was the Captain of their ship. Captain dalton told Isabella he would take her with them when they left if she would be his wife, she agreed.

1710 - the Carribean

Isabella spent 5 years serving under Captain Dalton not only as his wife but also as cabin girl and eventually by proving her abilities she worked her way through the ranks to become first mate. in the summer of 1710 while a small part of the crew was ashore for supplies, the ship was attacked by the Drakesmen pirates, leading half of the crew to mutiny and kill the other half including captain Dalton. after returning to the ship to find the crew and her beloved husband dead, Isabella let out a scream of rage that legend says the Drakesmen heard aboard their ship 10 miles away. After taking command of the ship, Isabella and the remaining crew began to hunt the Drakesmen relentlessly, stopping only long enough for Isabella to give birth to the daughter that Robert never got the chance to see. Isabella spent the next few years being a mother, rarely leaving the Cabin of her Flagship " The Jewel of Ireland" once her daughter was old enough to take care of herself, Isabella resumed her cause where she had left off.

1715 - onboard the " Sea Serpent", a Drakesmen Vessel

In the fall of 1715 Isabella's crew spotted a Drakesmen vessel known to be commanded by one of Robert's Mutinous Crewmen. after 3 volleys of Broadside cannon fire against the tiny ship they boarded and began to fight off the crew. Isabella ran straight for the captain and shot him point blank with her pistol before drawing her cutlass. Isabella faught the captain for nearly a half hour until he tripped hercausing her to fall backwards down the deck stairs, shattering her left leg in the fall. as Isabella struggled to her feet the captain pulled his gun and shot Isabella blowing off her leg just below the knee. Isabella hopped once and lunged forward driving her cutlass into the neck of the captain dragging it downward with her body weight as she fell cutting him open all the way to the belt as she fell to the deck in a pool of her own blood mixed with the entrails of the Mutinous captain. Seeing their captain gutted was enough for his crew to surrender and many serve Captain Dalton to this day. once Isabella's wounds were healed her coxswain crafted a pegleg out an old rum barrel, once again allowing her to resume command.

1720 - The Carribean

Captain Isabella Dalton and the crew of "The Jewel of Ireland" sailed into the Cat Island Harbor. A small group consisting of Captain Dalton, Her First Mate, three Crewmwn and Isabella's 10 year old Daughter Elizabeth, went ashore for supplies. while visiting the town's Inn for a drink Isabella met Captain Henk Owl of the Brotherhood and over a pint she joined the organization. to this day Isabella shows absolutly No mercy when it comes to Mutineers or the British Navy, and continues her hunt for the dogs that killed her beloved Robert. Even in the most brutal battles, Elizabeth fights by her mothers side, and plans to take a ship of her own when she is old anough and fight along side " the Jewel of Ireland" which has come to signify not only Isabella's flagship but also its captain.
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The tale of the Jewel of Ireland
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