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 Dubhlainn and the Grainne Ni Mhaille

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Dubhlainn and the Grainne Ni Mhaille Empty
PostSubject: Dubhlainn and the Grainne Ni Mhaille   Dubhlainn and the Grainne Ni Mhaille Icon_minitimeFri Feb 29, 2008 9:35 am

The Birth from a legend

1684-1698: Near county cork a baby boy was born, Dahey Dubhlainn. Dahey's mother, Maebh Dubhlainn, great-grandaughter of the late Grainne Ni Mhaille ( Grace O'Malley ). The boy grew up as a fisherman and became involved in the troubles of the Williamite wars. Dahey fought gallantly along side of the French troops in an effort to siege Derry. In 1689 after the defeat at Boyne, Dahey escaped to France were he worked his way to First Mate on a whaling vessel. During his time as a whaler he meet a good friend Captain Jack Quelch whom had helped him obtain his own whaling vessel stationed in New Bedford in the New England colonies. Mr. Dubhlainn had begun his Whaling Oil Business.

1718: The whaling industry booming and making trips between New England and the Azores, Captain Dubhlainn's ship had been overrun by Pirates under the command of Captain England. Mr. Dubhlainn was given the choice as to serve or perish. He chose to serve reluctantly under Captain England. Sailing on the Pearl Mr. Dubhlainn was injured and left for dead in a raid off the coast of Africa. When he had returned to New Bedford his business was gone. He had a letter from his friend Captain Quelch mentioning that Mr. Dubhlainn may take up business with a group of Privateer's from the Jacobite cause under a letter of Marque with the French. Once again Mr. Dubhlainn had found himself a Captain. His ship a Dolphyn Heavy Ketch now under the French letter of Marque sailed the sea's of the Spanish Main. Mr. Dubhlainn had found a cause against the British once more! He sought to bring his family honor resuming the fight against the British Empire.

1720: After a few disagreements and growing distrust with the Govenor of St. Augustine, Mr. Dubhlainn was ordered to search the Bahamas for his friend and cohort Captain Henk Owl. The bounty for a one Captain Owl of 5000 doubloons was teh task at hand. Captain Dubhlainn caught up with the now Pirate Captain Owl off the shore of Tortuga. Amid a brief standoff and the reluctance to fire upon his freind and cohort Captain Owl, they held a meeting within the Town. Captain Owl along with Captain Kidd had convinced the young Captain that his efforts against the British would be better served as a free man and not under the French flag! Captain Dubhlainn pondered and remembered the stories of the Great Grainne Ni Mhaille. Captain Dubhlainn had relinquished his Mark and stole the ship under his own flag. Now reunited with his friend the Brotherhood was born! Alas the "Freeman" known as Captain Davey Dubhlainn (The Black Sword) sails the Spanish Main in his own efforts to bring down the British Empire and obtain the fame and fortune as the like of Grace O'Malley!

"Aye the water is warm but me blade is black and cold!"
~Captain Davey Dubhlainn~
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Dubhlainn and the Grainne Ni Mhaille
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