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 Cap'n Mcleod the 2nd

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Cap'n Mc

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PostSubject: Cap'n Mcleod the 2nd   Cap'n Mcleod the 2nd Icon_minitimeSat Mar 01, 2008 1:38 am

Me? Like any boy born on a ship at sea grew up knowing everything about a ship. My Father. Angus Mcleod was a "Opertunist" as he liked to call it as was his father before him. The only one in the family that wasn't Was me mom. She was a high class aristocrate. Dad had boarded her ship and seemed to take a fancy to her. Well guess so cause some how I ended up her so it seems they still like each other.

Me old man taught me most everything he knew bout life. He taught me how ter fight. How ter run and how ter think fast. I still remember the bruises from those lessons. Though now I looked back and see how twas all worth it. It gave me what I needed ter light the seas a blaze and be sure they all know me name afore I meet davey jones.

But I took me first ship when I was bout 17. Me old man told me I couldn't cap'n a ship till I could take it myself. So. I took some of the lads and we liberated it. A navy lancer. Aye.. We got in during the dead of night. I personaly tossed the captain over board. Then offered the crew a chance ter be free. Well most of em took it. The rest ended up food fer the local shark population.

Course dad did nay like the idea o me 'aving tha ship. He said twas bad luck. Course 'e was right. Nay a week later I was being chased by a couple of frigates and a cutter. Damn tha cutter was fast. Fast enough ter out run those frigates. So.. I switch ships. I stuck with tha cutter till I made me way 'ere. I always 'eard there was gold ter be made and freedom ter be 'ad 'ere. And it was all true. Long as I be smart enough ter stay 1 step ahead o the nationals.

Grand adventures? Aye. I've 'ad a few. I've no real sad stuff tha I canna think of. Cept this 1 las. Aye the one who got away so ter speak. I met this one at a tavern off the keys. She was lovely. Had red hair and a irish accent tha would make yer smile no matter where ye from. She was a grand las. First one ter ever break me heart. And hold a sword to me throat. Turns out she was with those lads I stole tha ship from. She'd been sent ter get close ter me. And after 6 months with her and all I think she had gotten so close tha I messed up tha golden rule. Ne'er Ever! let a woman hold power on yer ship. She thankfully nay killed me. But still She left me on an island with 1 bottle o rum. The same damn bottled she'd drugged so I'd fall asleep and she'd be able ter run off with the ship.

Couples weeks later after getting off tha Island I found out she told em she killed me. Then took the ship back. Well. I let em belive tha fer awhile Till I got close enough to steal me ship back. But when I tried she was thar.. Well it went bad from thar and I made it out by the skin o me teeth. Ter this day I've nay seen tha ship nor 'er again. And if'n I do.. i'll slap tha las in irons and toss 'er ter the bottom o the deepest sea possible.

Well.. tha be about it. Most every thing else be kinda boring.
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Cap'n Mcleod the 2nd
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