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 Free passage...

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Antonin Crowe
Antonin Crowe

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PostSubject: Re: Free passage...   Free passage... - Page 2 Icon_minitimeFri Mar 21, 2008 5:49 am

I be glad this be largely settled. I am still open to trade agreements with nationals but the previous arrangement did seem rather one sided ((much like the gankings I've experienced)) Agreeing to not attack a national alone and likely loaded with cargo and then saying if they are in a hunting group with protection, warships and no cargo they are fair game and not expected to refrain from attacks on us truly seems like a plan from the small head, so to speak. Was I understanding this correctly? I would love to have this same arrangement with anyone else if I were in their position. "Ye can't attack me, nor I you, if I'm by myself and loaded with valuables... But if I am sailing a warship with my brothers all deals are off." I beg you Owl, let this take a few turns around your big head...

((also for the record I follow the golden rule and won't do unto others as I dislike done to me: I will not in any way participate in any gankings... a fair or even largely one-sided fight is one thing but a ganking is another. I can learn at least from a fight where there is a chance of winning even if that chance is slim. There is nothing to be gained, not even an education, from a ganking.))
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Pirate Lord "Boss Mon"
Pirate Lord

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PostSubject: Re: Free passage...   Free passage... - Page 2 Icon_minitimeSat Mar 22, 2008 7:56 pm

Fair enough master Crowe, but to be honest chances are slim that we will find any 'o the above in the red all alone and without protection!

The small list are the only ones i would actually allow free passage for i know them well and they me! Nor shall i participate in any gankings i know you speak from experience my friend and trust me i do know that feeling very well!

Chantilly Angevin wrote:
Personally, I will not fire on a Brotherhood ship alone - there is no honor in that

Just a small reminder though both Chantilly as well as Solyne are gentle souls and rare people that understand the concept 'o personal honor, something i always wish to uphold!

And there you have it, goodwill in it's best form i would say! A peace offer to at least show best intentions is what i read in it.

Trust me i shall say this one more time and shall not do so again so pay heed closely:

Both the ladies Chantilly Angevin and Solyne Diana are ne'er to be harmed when encountered alone, they shall not do so either! Failing this simple yet urgent wish 'o mine may and will most definately result in much unpleasantness from my part i promise that much, for they can never be compared to those that have grieved us before!

"Pirate, Father, Friend 'n Lover"
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Seigneur les Pirates,
Gentleman 'o Fortune!
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Free passage...
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