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 Hauling cargo...

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Hauling cargo... Empty
PostSubject: Hauling cargo...   Hauling cargo... Icon_minitimeSat Apr 05, 2008 9:32 am

It has come to me attention that many have been busy transporting goods and other valuables as 'o late and are becoming rather bold about it!

My advice would be, and i expect ye all to mark it well to either haul in smaller ships so no flagged merchants and await proper times to do it! Dont be foolish to be tempted to take shortcuts for that will get ye sunk and lose all the precious cargo we need so badly to keep our economy healthy!

Hiring aid or escorts wont help for that will cause all to fall prey to large warships and the loss would be even greater since we more than likely lose the cargo and all escorting ships!

What i would do and do most the time is await a decent time when enemy activity is slow or not present. I also do not mind to haul smaller quantities so in fact make several rather safe runs to insure the goods will arrive unscratched! Take routes that are safe, avoid the red and stay away from ports that are in it for they will be waiting!

Do all the above and that may very likely keep our "customers" happy if not ourselves...

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Hauling cargo...
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